The Holidays and Your Lawn

mom and kids in costumes
Written by: LCMM , October 19, 2016

The holidays are fast approaching. Starting with Halloween and lasting through the New Year, many homes begin the process of helping the neighborhood feel festive with lawn and exterior decorations. Combined with high amounts of foot traffic from trick-or-treaters and annual holiday dinner guests, your lawn can take a beating that, if not prepared or maintained, may take until the following holiday season to recover. That is not to say that you should not create a festive scene or invite family, friends, and the neighborhood children onto your property. However, it is to say that there are some guidelines to follow to help minimize the expected damage.

Brown Spots

Increased foot traffic and lawn ornaments may cause brown spots on your perfectly manicured lawn. This is normal, however, it can be helped and either prevented or repaired. The issue arises from the grass not getting enough sun or water in certain spots or grass blades being cracked and broken from the foot traffic. However, there are a couple of tips to help make the problem completely disappear or at least help your lawn repair quickly. First, fertilize your lawn at the start of the fall. Since this is also the start of the holiday season, it will provide extra nourishment to your lawn right when you need it most. Not only does this step help to keep your lawn healthy during the winter months, but it can help protect it from that increased foot traffic. Another helpful tip is to keep your sidewalks and walkways well-lit and safe. This will entice people to stay off of your lawn and onto your walkways instead. Finally, throughout the holidays, never place the large lawn ornaments in the same place for each holiday. By spreading the location of the ornaments around your lawn, you are not crushing grass or blocking the sun for too long of a period of time. While days may cause some damage, 90 days will cause much more.


People love lawn signs. Between elections, scarecrows, and signs for the North Pole, our lawns get littered with signs for months. Each sign brings new holes to our yard, helping the surrounding grass turn brown and die. There are a few tips to help you avoid this cycle and protect your lawn. Of course, the first tip is to not use lawn signs, but that is not always your preference. Therefore, take a look at some of the more practical tips. First, use the same hole or holes all season. Unlike the above idea, moving the hole does not actually help your lawn. When you move the hole, you create more work for yourself or your landscaper. The second tip is to, again, fertilize the rest of your lawn as soon as the fall begins, allowing for the rest of your lawn to remain nourished, even with a small hole. Finally, when it is time to remove the lawn signs, fill the hole with nutrient-rich soil and new seeds, as long as there is no snow on the ground. Then let the moisture of the season take over. You may find you will need to repeat the process in the spring.
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