Stand-On Mower vs. Zero-Turn Mower

Written by: LCMM , May 25, 2023

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Your lawn should make a good impression on people. A tidy property often translates to a tidy home and a professional, trustworthy business. Commercial buildings with large lawn areas can attract potential customers or impress prospective clients with a well-manicured outdoor space.

Getting the best lawn requires the right tools, and the most important tool for lawn maintenance is the lawn mower. Stand-on mowers and zero-turn mowers are two good options for keeping the grass and gardens of commercial properties in tip-top shape, but each has its own unique features and benefits. This comparison guide can help you decide if your commercial lawn would benefit most from a stand-on mower or a zero-turn mower.

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Comparing Stand-On Lawn Mowers vs. Zero-Turn Mowers

While you might think the only difference between these two types of mowers is that one requires you to stand on it to drive it while the other has a seat, there is more to consider than you might expect. The following are six key differences to determine if a zero-turn mower or a stand-on mower is the best choice for your commercial property’s maintenance.

1. Property Suitability

An influential factor to consider is the size of your commercial property’s lawn area. Stand-on mowers are best suited to cutting large yards with many tightly spaced obstacles that need to be maneuvered around. Commercial stand-on mowers are more durable and have faster blades than residential ones, making them better suited to larger areas that need to be mowed.  While stand-on mowers are good at handling obstacles and hills, they are slower than zero-turn mowers by a small percentage.

Zero-turn mowers are the best choice for commercial properties with large, flat lawn areas. They are fast, safe, and reliable choices for commercial properties with simple layouts and few obstacles. If you have a large, level property that needs frequent cuttings during the spring and summer, then a zero-turn mower is the right fit for you.

One of the biggest factors that go into which mower best suits your property are the turf conditions. If you have low ground, high shade, and wet areas, you will more than likely want a stand-on mower used. They are half the weight of their zero-turn counterparts, which helps reduce turn marks in the turf and helps to eliminate tire ruts or black streaks from mud.

stand on mower

2. Deck Size

Something to keep in mind is a mower’s deck size. Deck size varies depending on the mower’s model and manufacturer. The deck size of a mower determines how fast it can cut your lawn and how tightly it can take corners. Both stand-on and zero-turn mowers have varying deck sizes. Larger ones can speed up the mowing process but may be more challenging to maneuver when mowing tighter corners or around obstacles.

A stand-on mower with a smaller deck size will be the best for a property that is between .5 and five acres in size. A stand-on mower with a bigger deck size might be what you need for large properties with intricate turns and many obstacles.

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3. Functionality

A unique advantage to stand-on mowers is improved visibility and ease of use. By standing on a mower, the driver will get a better view of the area they are mowing and the trim edge of the mower. The crew will be more accepting of having to get off of the mower to pick trash up, move debris out of the way, and clear any other objects that interfere with mowing. Having a greater range of motion to watch for obstacles helps improve accuracy, reduces trimming mistakes, and is an overall time saver. It also makes mowing your lawn safer, especially if you have workers or other pedestrians in the vicinity.

A drawback to the stand-on mower is the fatigue that may happen after a full day of standing on the platform. A stand-on mower is better for people with back problems as all the bumps on a stand-on mower are not felt in your spine compared to a zero-turn mower.

Zero-turn mower has almost a nonexistent turning radius

4. Zero-Turn Mowers

Zero-turn mowers are made for maneuvering and speed. The most significant advantage of a zero-turn mower is the almost nonexistent turning radius. This feature means that riding and stand-on zero-turn mowers have much more to offer than their standard counterparts. You can navigate obstacles easily and deliver a close cut that removes the need for edge trimming. If your commercial property has flat areas between one and ten acres large with infrequent obstacles like plants, trees, and shrubs, then the zero-turn might be just what you need.

The steering mechanism of zero-turn mowers is typically slightly different compared to a stand-on mower. They both have smooth and precise controls for delicate trimming work and maneuvering around ornaments, flowerbeds, and trees. Zero-turn mowers can also be distinguished by their low profile and large rear tires that improve traction, and help spread the weight out of the machine.

5. Transport and Storage

As previously mentioned, knowing the right size of the mowers you need is essential. When using a professional service for lawn maintenance, the size of the mower affects how they are transported to and from your commercial property. Companies with smaller trailers could transport more stand-on mowers as they are more compact than zero-turn mowers. If you are doing the maintenance yourself, storage space must be considered when choosing a large mower with a big deck size.

Transporting a single zero-turn mower is easy when your commercial property’s mowing area is small and only requires one mower. You may be able to fit two stand-on mowers on a trailer, whereas before, you could only fit one zero-turn.

6. Comfort

Various factors affect how comfortable it is to use a mower, especially for longer jobs. Stand-on mowers may be more comfortable for your lower back than zero-turn mowers. Standing is better for your lower back than the sitting position adopted to drive a zero-turn mower, and when you stand, your lower back is less affected by the engine’s vibrations. Stand-on mowers are also easier to mount and dismount as no seat or armrest is in the way.

However, during long jobs with big properties, it is more comfortable to sit down rather than stand up. Zero-turn mowers are more accessible for those with limited physical abilities, as stand-on mowers can be more physically demanding. Green & Black has switched to all stand-on mowers as of 2018 and has not looked back. Our crews don’t argue over who gets to sit down on the mower. They are more productive, trash gets picked up, and our turn-mark complaints have decreased by 72%.

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