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Why Metal Pless Snow Plows Are the Right Choice

Written by: LCMM , December 21, 2023

Today, snow and ice removal extend far beyond pushing snow or pouring road salt to melt ice. While traditional snow removal methods might work on standard surfaces, they can fall short on more extensive surfaces. Heavy snowfall and extreme weather can cause significant snow and ice buildup that can be challenging to remove with traditional solutions.

That’s where Metal pless snow plows come in. These plows offer advanced functionality, durability and precision for removing snow. They provide a comprehensive snow removal solution and can save your business time and money.

What Are Metal Pless Snow Plows?

Metal pless snow plows come in various sizes and are versatile tools for pushing snow. Commercial contractors use them to remove snow on airport runways, highways, roads and parking lots. They can clear snow in all conditions from light flurries to heavy snow in high wind conditions. Metal pless snow plows can have hydraulic wings that adjust to various angles, helping remove more snow at greater widths with improved contouring ability.

Benefits of Metal Pless Snow Plows

Removing snow on a large surface is complex and requires suitable tools and technology. Metal pless snow plows offer advanced features, helping remove snow faster and more accurately. They can limit the need for costly snow removal methods and improve surface quality. Here are seven more advantages of metal pless snow plows.

Benefits of Metal Pless Snow Plows

1. Faster Snow Removal

Metal pless snow plows offer multiple edge configurations for pushing snow. The ability to order the correct plow for the specific piece of equipment and application allows for increased efficiency. With plows for large front-end loaders to small skid loaders and pickup trucks, Metal Pless sets itself apart from its competition.

The LiveEdge system is one of the most popular features. Metal pless snow plows with LiveEdge are some of the industry’s best when it comes to contouring surfaces. This range of expansion can reduce plowing time by 20 to 30%, speeding up snow removal and helping businesses and customers return to their daily commutes and duties.

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2. Less Surface Damage

Metal pless snow plows equipped with float mode allow the individual sections to contour to various ground conditions. This reduces pressure from snow plows that can damage sensitive surfaces like parking lots. Float mode helps plows detect different surface heights and adjust the pressure or level accordingly to prevent surface scratches or scrapes. It also limits repetition over an area and timely readjustments. Instead, operators only need to pass over a section once and do not have to manually readjust to match terrains, slopes and hills.

3. Cleaner Surfaces

The LiveEdge system’s high-precision carbide blades provide smooth and high-quality scraping. They stay close to the road and limit vibrations, tractions and bouncing, with comprehensive two-foot sections for a more thorough scrape.

Operators can use a wider plow, and each section will still follow the contours of the parking lot or road. As you can see in the image below the metal pless plow blade contours to uneven ground allowing it to be level, as indicated by the red line. Smoother and more accurate contouring prevents hardpack and snow residuals and provides cleaner surfaces.

Metal Pless Plow

4. Limited Downtime and Delays

Metal pless developed high-quality and durable snow plows with CHT400 steel, thicker than most industry-standard snow plows. These among other patented design characteristics require little repair and fewer replacement parts, preventing downtime.

Built-up snowdrifts can halt business operations, slow productivity and cost you money. When removing snow, you have little time to spare and need a readily available solution. The last thing you need is your snow plow breaking down, preventing you from clearing snow from your walkway, loading docks or parking lot.

5. Reduced Salt Use

While road salt might be a popular solution for preventing freeze or melting surface ice, it often causes more harm than good. Road salt can weaken and corrode surfaces. This corrosion can impact your parking lot’s or land’s structural integrity, causing cracks, holes, dents and other damage. Additionally, road salt can harm the environment, contaminating the water systems wild animals rely on.

Salt can also be expensive, and you might have to use more than you bargained for in extreme freeze. Metal pless snow plow LiveEdge capabilities help limit the use of road salt. Carbide blades can plow through and remove surface ice and snow, minimizing the need for salt. You can prevent surface corrosion and damage and water pollution. You can also save time and money on salt supplies and surface repairs.

6. Multiple Applications

Metal pless snow plows can handle multiple applications, including moving snow from runways, walkways, roads or parking lots. With various models and configurations, operators can use a snow plow that matches your terrain and objective. If you need to remove snow from a large, small or complex surface, you can find a suitable model for the job.

You can remove snow more accurately and effectively with models for every function. This versatility also allows you to clear snow without using other snow removal modes, saving time and money.

7. Versatile Attachments

Metal pless snow plows have many attachments for different vehicles. Operators can connect these attachments to the front of a tractor, heavy-duty vehicle or wheel loader. If one vehicle breaks down, you have other options, meaning fewer delays and downtime. It also lets you decide which vehicle and attachment best removes snow from your ground or land.

Trust Green & Black for Quality Snow Removal

Trust Green & Black for Quality Snow Removal

Snow and ice buildup can impact your business, especially in emergencies and severe weather. Removing snow effectively and efficiently in these situations is the best solution.

At Green & Black, we understand the importance of high-quality and efficient snow removal. That’s why we use state-of-the-art Metal pless snow plows. Our plows have durable, high-precision blades for pushing through the thickest snow and ice. You can clear snow quickly and reduce safety hazards and productivity loss with advanced technology.

Our employees are experts in their trade and have extensive experience removing snow from residential driveways to large industrial parks and everything in between. They use appropriate snow plows for your ground to help you get the best results.

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