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Additional Property Maintenance Services

We know it takes a lot of work to keep your property healthy. Along with commercial and residential maintenance in Minnesota, we provide many additional services for your property. From your lawn to your parking lot, we’ll help your outdoor space look better and last longer. At Green & Black LLC, we make your property our priority.

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Aeration and Dethatching

If your lawn hasn’t had a bit of TLC in a while, it might need aeration or dethatching services. These processes rejuvenate properties that have been over-worn with foot traffic, equipment, or irregular mowing. Performing these services can help your grass maintain a lush appearance that lasts your property for a long time.

Aeration loosens soil compaction and creates holes with a special tool. This movement makes space for drainage and new growth to form over time. Dethatching removes dying grass and clears space for a greener, fuller lawn.

Asphalt Patching

Customers will be more willing to enter your property if the parking lot is smooth and even. Instead of replacing your entire lot, trust our team to patch the open potholes in the pavement. This process will save your budget with a simple yet effective patch-up.

Bush Hogging

Bush hogging is a necessary service for many overgrown lawns or fields. Overgrowth requires a complex solution and a professional team. When a standard lawnmower doesn’t cut it, we use our advanced landscaping materials to help clear your outdoor space. Our team performs bush-hogging services so you can watch your property flourish.

Concrete Services

Parking lots can undergo years of wear and tear with no apparent issues. Sometimes, these issues rest under the surface and require maintenance to prevent cracking. We perform concrete solutions to help you maintain your parking area.

Irrigation Installation

If you need advanced solutions to keep your lawn watered, you can trust our team to install a robust irrigation system. We begin by mapping your property and planning irrigation tubes without competing with your utility lines. Once we’re confident in our system, we’ll hook up your sprinkler controller to your property’s wi-fi to deliver water efficiently and effectively.

Lawn Renovation

After a while, your lawn may begin to look patchy or brown for no apparent reason. As lawn renovation experts, we can test your soil quality, kill weeds and fertilize the area so you can enjoy a bright, green lawn again.

Landscape Lighting

An outdoor lighting system can create ambiance, light walkways, or illuminate your favorite plants. With a professionally installed landscape lighting system, you can customize your garden with warm and inviting lights that make admiring your work even easier.

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Discover What We Can Do For You at Green & Black LLC

Your lawn and outdoor space should welcome guests to your home or business just as much as the interior does. With the right team of property maintenance professionals in Minnesota, you can keep your lawn healthy and inviting. At Green & Black LLC, we offer custom solutions so your property can flourish.

If you’re interested in any additional services or standard property maintenance, you can get started with a free quoteContact us online or call 651-356-9193 with questions.