The Damage Caused by Leaves on Your Lawn

November 9, 2017

As of September 21, the seasons changed and autumn began. It felt as though at that moment, a switch was hit, which caused the leaves to begin changing colors. It only takes a few weeks, however, for those beautifully colored leaves to start piling up and become strewn all over your well-kept lawn. Since your […]

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The Rules of the Lawn: How Often You Should Mow Your Lawn

guy mowing grass with push mower
October 2, 2017

Too much of anything is never a good thing. This can be applied to anything from the foods you eat to the number of times you work out a week. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that you can mow your lawn too much, which could be just as detrimental as not mowing it […]

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Decorate Your Lawn Tastefully and Affordably

flower bed
August 24, 2017

Your care for your home. You mow your lawn regularly, water as needed and allowed, and seed it properly for the next season. In your mind, your lawn is the first opportunity you have to make on someone passing by your home. While you take pride in your lawn, as much as you do for […]

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Beyond the Mow: Maintenance for your Lawn after Mowing

beautiful house with nice lawn
July 25, 2017

Summer is the time to keep your lawn well maintained. Not only is it great for curb appeal, but it actually has health benefits, such as minimizing insects around your home and keeping some allergens at bay. Most of us either do it ourselves or hire someone to do it for us. Either way, maintaining […]

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The Science Behind Lawn Maintenance

people laying down in grass
July 10, 2017

Have you ever wondered why townships have ordinances about the height of your lawn? It is likely that you believe it is to make the town look beautiful and uniformed wherever and whenever possible. While that is part of the reason, the numbers are not chosen randomly because they sound good. There is actually a […]

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Does Your Lawn Meet Your City’s Regulations?

row of town houses
June 19, 2017

If you own a home, you have learned that your rights as a homeowner are limited by the regulations placed upon your home by the town in which you live. These regulations may include items such as when trash is collected, how trash must be presented for collection, the color of your home, where you […]

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Your Lawn’s Schedule

landscaper with snips
April 26, 2017

We live in the age of scheduling. We schedule everything, such as playdates, meetings, appointments, and even family time. We expect everything and everyone in our lives to be on our schedule and just accept their place in our busy lives. That may work with people, but it does not work for your lawn. Your […]

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Planning Your Landscape

flowers in a field
March 20, 2017

Spring is just around the corner. By the end of the month, the birds will be chirping and the sun will begin to shine longer and longer each day. That means it is time to think about your lawn, and more importantly, landscaping your property. Because it is between seasons, March is the perfect time […]

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Planning Your Landscaping

lady gardening
February 20, 2017

It is the beginning of February. Snow is piled on the ground, and the weather is frightful. While it may seem too early, now is the time to plan your landscaping for spring. Before you know it, April showers will appear, bringing beautiful weather and green grass everywhere. It is best to have a plan […]

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A Reputable Snow Removal Company

snow plowed in front of houses
January 17, 2017

Living in Minnesota means expecting snow in the winter. Winters are not for the faint of heart in this part of the country. There are storms that actually trap people in their homes for a few days, simply because the snow is piled up six feet or higher. While this is not the norm, it […]

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