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You’ve likely heard an ad on the radio or seen one on TV telling you to purchase a specific brand of yard fertilizer. Unfortunately, if you are like many residents, you have discovered the hard way that it wasn’t the right type for your grass.

Although everyone knows that plants need added nutrition from time to time, lawn fertilization takes an experienced hand to get right. Otherwise, you’re only going to wind up with an explosion of weeds and unsightly patches of dead grass.

After you’ve seen what bags of prepackaged fertilizer can do, you’ll need help with your nutrition and lawn weed control needs. Since 2010, Green & Black remains the trusted choice in complete Minnesota lawn care solutions.

Whether you need us to properly fertilize your lawn, get rid of weeds, or any other type of maintenance service, you can always depend on us to get the results you need. Call Green & Black today and schedule your best yard care providers.

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Lawn Fertilization Service

One reason why attempting to fertilize your plants by yourself winds up destroying your yard is that there are specific times of year to do so, as well as other essential factors. Feeding grass, plants, and trees incorrectly can cause permanent damage or death in a matter of hours.

More than one homeowner has wiped out their lawns, even when following the bag’s instructions. The wrong nutrition blend will poison and chemically burn out plants, while the incorrect time of year can force plants to grow unnaturally.

Most plant species go into a hibernation cycle as the colder seasons approach. Attempting to fertilize them now can force them to into their blooming stage, causing them to burn through all of their stored nutrients.

When you can’t afford to lose your yards to cheap bags of fertilizers, you need the best in local plant care today. Call Green & Black for the best lawn fertilization services and experience the lush lawns you have wanted.

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Weed Control Service

Many residents choose bottled weed control products because they work quickly and are relatively inexpensive. However, what homeowners might not understand is that with every application, some of the poison seeps down into the groundwater underneath your property.

That means that, ultimately, you’re poisoning the main water supply that all your trees, bushes, flowers, and grass rely on the most. Even with irrigation sprinklers and watering cans, their roots are still drawing in contaminated water.

Instead, it’s recommended to hire professional weed control services that use safer, more natural approaches to ridding your grass of the plants you don’t want. We use professional-grade spray formulas and manually remove weeds, keeping your lawns looking their best every day.

Let our team of experienced landscaping professionals provide you with an accurate and safe weed control service. No one else keeps your yards in pristine condition like Green & Black. Give us a call today to schedule!

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