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Whether you recently purchased a vacant lot, are a seasonal resident, or have an advanced overgrowth in your yard, chances are, standard lawnmowers aren’t going to be enough to clear through it all. In fact, advanced mowing techniques like bush hogging may be the only solution for your needs.

When traditional homeowners’ tools and equipment aren’t enough to clear a path, you need something more powerful to handle your project. From agriculture field mowing to vacant lot clearing, brush hogging relies on high-speed rotors and heavy machinery to cut through plants. Although brush mowing is an advanced landscaping service, it isn’t always simple to find a local company that provides it.

At Green & Black, we remain the convenient choice in Minnesota bush hogging services. Contact the best bush hogging company in South Metro, MN, we can assist you with your job no matter the scope.

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What Is Bush Hogging?

Bush hogging is a landscaping process used to remove heavy brush and prepare land for applications like farming, development and commercial use. While some lawn maintenance methods tend to extract invasive materials, bush hogging protects the land’s surface and promotes healthy environmental growth.

This method typically involves cutting down overgrown trees, grass and vegetation, and allowing the soil to fertilize and nourish surrounding plants and wildlife.

The brush hog itself is a piece of high-power machinery that attaches to the back of a tractor or mower. This equipment uses horsepower to level grass, growth and brush as the operator pulls it across the lawn. Bush hogs have rotary blades that detect fixed items like rocks and tree stumps and navigate around them without becoming stuck or causing damage.

Why Bush Hogging?

Many landscaping service providers avoid the need for bush hogging by offering alternative services instead. That may mean that they manually remove many types of overbrush, weeds and plants, and then follow up with a lawnmower. While you could certainly take your project this route, it will always take longer to complete. You’ll need your contractors to focus on a set of plants at a time, even if they are growing intertwined.

Instead, a commercial-grade bush hogger makes short work of your thickest, fullest plants with ease. Much like an agricultural mowing machine, the rotors rip, shred and plow through any plants standing in their way. Whether you have many acreages to get through in one day or there are too many overgrown plants for other machine types, bush hogging is likely the ideal solution. Contact us to get started!

Benefits of Bush Hogging

Whether you own a commercial business or residential property that’s in need of some maintenance, bush hogging services are a great way to transform your land for the better. If you’re still debating if you should implement bush hogging practices for your property, consider these three major benefits:

  • Weed management: Bush hogging manages weeds by preventing them from growing, producing mature seeds and developing strong roots. With bush hogging, you can ensure that harmful weeds won’t overwhelm your land.
  • Biodiversity: When you manage overgrowth and clear invasive species from your land, you optimize your property for further environmental development. Because bush hogging eliminates weeds that choke out other plant life, your foliage can thrive in a healthier environment.
  • Property appeal: When your land is well-kept and free of clutter, it appeals more to onlookers. Having an attractive property is particularly important to commercial companies looking to draw in customers. With a clean lawn, you look more credible and appealing as a business.

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Our Commercial Bush Hogging Services

When you hire Green & Black for bush hogging services in the South Metro, MN area, our knowledgeable and passionate workers will transform your property with the highest efficiency and precision. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to perform detailed and accurate bush hogging services that will optimize your property.

You can expect nothing less than the best when you book bush hogging with Green & Black. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to comprehensive lawn maintenance. Whether your commercial property has thick weeds or overgrown grass on the premises, our dedicated team will tackle the issue head-on, leaving you with a well-kept piece of land.

Our bush hogging services include:

  • Brush cutting.
  • Field mowing.
  • Vacant lot clearing.
  • Brush and debris removal.
  • Clearing ditches and inclines.
  • Removing overgrown weeds, bushes, trees, and grass.

When you call us to schedule commercial bush hogging services, we’ll visit you on your property, evaluate the land, and create a quote based on your needs. After you accept the quote, we’ll send you a contract detailing the price and job description and work with you to set up a service date.

If you book our bush hogging as a one-time service, we’ll send you an invoice. If it’s an ongoing project, you’ll receive a monthly bill.

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Why Hire Bush Hogging Services?

Bush hog machines are not as readily available at rental centers as other equipment units. Even if you were to find one for rent, it requires a substantial vehicle to transport it, and it likely won’t come cheap.

If you have never operated a bush hog before, you could be in for a steep learning curve. And if the rental unit isn’t in pristine condition, you will have your work cut out for you.

Instead, we maintain our machines to stay in peak condition, giving you the fastest, most convenient field mowing possible. Whatever the nature of your call, we give our best effort to provide the best results possible each time. There’s no need to struggle through your overgrown yards again when we are ready to work for you.

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Hire a Commercial Bush Hogging Company

If you’re looking for top-notch bush hogging services in South Metro, MN, Green & Black has the skilled staff to serve all of your lawn and landscaping needs. From fertilizer and weed control to lawn mowing and property maintenance and more, we have all the resources to make your property look pristine.