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How to Fertilize a Lawn: A Path to Green Grass

January 23, 2024

Jump to: The Basics Of Lawn Fertilization Preparing Your Lawn For Fertilization Choose The Right Fertilizer For Your Lawn Best Practices For Applying Fertilizer To Your Lawn  Applying fertilizer to your lawn is a vital part of lawn care and is critical to your lawn’s health. If you want a green and vibrant lawn, fertilizer […]

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Why Metal Pless Snow Plows Are the Right Choice

December 21, 2023

Jump to: Cleaner Surfaces  Limited Downtime And Delays  Reduced Salt Use  Multiple Applications  Versatile Attachments  Today, snow and ice removal extend far beyond pushing snow or pouring road salt to melt ice. While traditional snow removal methods might work on standard surfaces, they can fall short on more extensive surfaces. Heavy snowfall and extreme weather […]

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How to Protect New Grass Seed From Frost

green grass
December 15, 2023

Jump to: What Is Frost? Will Frost Kill Grass Seeds Or New Grass? Can I Mow After A Frost? By this point in the year, you have prepared your lawn for winter and may have already experienced the first frost. Your lawn service has been busy preparing for winter and has likely come and gone […]

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Stand-On Mower vs. Zero-Turn Mower

May 25, 2023

Your lawn should make a good impression on people. A tidy property often translates to a tidy home and a professional, trustworthy business. Commercial buildings with large lawn areas can attract potential customers or impress prospective clients with a well-manicured outdoor space. Getting the best lawn requires the right tools, and the most important tool […]

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The Benefits of Spring Cleanup for Your Yard

November 15, 2022

Jump to: Leaf and Debris Removal Transitioning From Winter Additional Lawn Care Services Spring Cleanup Services  It can be challenging to care for your lawn during the cold months. Over the winter, dirt, moisture, and debris pile up on your lawn. These elements can turn healthy greenery into a difficult-to-manage plot of land. Conducting a […]

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The Importance of Fall Cleanup

The Importance of Fall Cleanup
August 16, 2022

Jump to: What Is Fall Cleanup? Benefits of Fall Cleanup Why You Should Hire Someone For Fall Cleanup Contact Green And Black Before the winter cold hits, getting your yard cleaned up and ready for the following spring is essential. Although it might seem like a small detail in landscaping, fall cleanup is actually a […]

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How Does Temperature Affect My Lawn?

push mowing grass
April 14, 2022

Jump to: When Does Grass Stop Growing What Temperatures Cause Grass To Stop Growing How To Prepare Your Lawn For Colder Temperatures How To Care For Grass When It Starts Growing The Benefits of Professional Lawn Care Contact Green & Black Wouldn’t it be great if our lawns could stay lush and green all year […]

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Lawn Care Schedule to the Perfect Lawn and Property

Green lawn
March 9, 2022

A lush green lawn can be the jewel of your landscape. From tackling dry brown areas and combating weed woes to fixing dry grass and dealing with bald patches, there are many ways you can keep your lawn in top shape. When searching for the best full-service property maintenance company for your lawn in Minnesota, […]

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How Do Irrigation Systems Work?

January 14, 2022

In today’s climate, one moment, the sun shines brightly at a pleasant 80 degrees and the next, we find ourselves facing hours of unexpected snowfall. Consequently, seeding your lawn, crafting your landscape and diligently caring for your yard has transformed into a strategic game akin to chess. Although a lawn irrigation system cannot assist you […]

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Getting Rid of Brown Spots on Your Lawn

September 16, 2021

Jump to: Why Is My Lawn Turning Brown In Spots? How To Fix Brown Lawn Patches Does your otherwise beautiful property have mysterious brown patches that won’t disappear, no matter how much you try to water or fertilize them? Are you tired of having lawn problems? Curb appeal can make or break a first impression […]

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