Keeping Your Property Value High

push mowing the yard
Written by: LCMM , April 25, 2016

When thinking of property value, most people think of the actual house and its details. These can include the size of the home, maintenance, and repairing any damage that occurs due to weather or even normal wear and tear. However, many times people forget the importance of the yard and its care when assessing their own property value or even their neighbors’. The yard care and landscaping aspects of property value is one of the prime examples where one bad apple can spoil the bunch.  If one neighbor in a neighborhood has a yard filled with dead grass, trash, and just overall looks to be a complete mess, it can affect the property value of your home. Learn how to avoid being that bad apple

Lawn Maintenance

The first aspect of keeping your exterior property beautiful is proper lawn maintenance. Everyone has driven past a home with horrible brown grass and bald spots and never even noticed the beauty of the house. Your lawn is the first impression people have of your home; when it is dead and bald, your home, no matter how exquisite, gives off the vibe of being a dead home. Therefore, proper lawn maintenance is essential to keeping your home beautiful.
Proper lawn maintenance is not as difficult or time consuming as it may sound. It is actually quite simple if you create a plan or schedule and stick to it. This includes feeding your lawn with seed and water as needed, mowing your lawn on a regular basis, and weeding your lawn as unwanted weeds grow. Certain times of the year require some extra care to maintain lawn health, such as prior to winter when raking wet fall leaves and clearing up dead branches can make your lawn look much different when spring rolls around.


Proper lawn maintenance is only the first step to keeping your property beautiful. Adding the extra bit of beauty can go a long way to increasing the overall looks and property value of your own home as well as of your neighborhood. This is where landscaping comes in. Landscaping is the addition and maintenance of greenery and color to your lawn. This can be done through strategically placed gardens, bushes, and flowers. Typically, beyond the plant life, there are additions of mulch, rocks, and sometimes even rock sculptures. Landscaping is the pieces of flare for your lawn that display your home’s personality to the neighborhood.

Unless you have the expertise associated with creating and maintaining a well-designed landscape, it is best to leave this part to the experts. Those who specialize in landscaping know the details regarding what plants will last in your soil, what mulch is best to use, and even how much greenery your lawn can actually handle before it becomes an eyesore or loses nutrients. Working with an expert allows you to develop a masterpiece for your front and back yards for all to enjoy.

To learn more about proper lawn care and landscaping, trust the experts at Green & Black Lawn Care. The team is always available to answer your questions and looks forward to helping your design your beautiful landscape to help boost your property value. See what they can do by contacting them at 651-356-9193.