Beyond the Mow: Maintenance for your Lawn after Mowing

beautiful house with nice lawn
Written by: LCMM , July 25, 2017

Summer is the time to keep your lawn well maintained. Not only is it great for curb appeal, but it actually has health benefits, such as minimizing insects around your home and keeping some allergens at bay. Most of us either do it ourselves or hire someone to do it for us. Either way, maintaining your lawn during the summer months is more than a simple mowing of the lawn. There are several other items that must accompany the lawn mowing process to make sure your lawn always looks fresh and well-maintained.


Prior to mowing the lawn at the start of the season, it is a good idea to fertilize it properly. If you fertilize during the entire growing season, your lawn will continue to grow beautifully, staying well-nourished throughout even the hottest days of the year. Most lawn care companies will help you prepare a proper fertilization schedule that will help make sure the lawn mowing process is successful in helping your lawn stay lush. In addition to fertilizing, now is the time to add any additional treatments, such as weed and grub killers to your lawn, allowing in all to get into the soil and help fight the potential of harm to your lawn.

Additional Mowing Services

Once you have actually mowed the lawn, you are not done with this bi-weekly chore. Mowing the lawn is only one piece of keeping your lawn growing beautifully. Remember, when you mow your lawn, make sure you are cutting the grass to the recommended length for optimum growth and health. However, once it is mowed, make sure you follow up with weed whacking the lawn, this helps remove any weeds from your lawn that weed killer left behind. Weeds can be the death of your lawn, so you want to make sure to keep them at bay with every mow.

Once everything is cut, it is time to edge your lawn. Have you ever walked by a house and thought how nice the definitive lines were between the lawn and the pavement? That is a result of edging. Edging not only makes your lawn look more finished, it removes the weeds and issues that may be creeping up between the cracks in your pavement and the edge of your lawn.

The next step is to utilize a leaf blower to clean the pavement of all of the clippings from your lawn maintenance. This helps keep your property clean and keep grass clippings from sneaking into your home and car. Finally, make sure to properly water your lawn as recommended. Too much water may drown it out, while not enough water will allow your lawn to dry up and die. Ask your lawn care professional about the best practices for watering your freshly mowed lawn in between maintenance visits.

If you are tired of mowing the lawn on your own or do not have the time to take care of the lawn mowing and maintenance of your property, contact the experts at Green & Black, LLC at 651-356-9193.