Your Guide on How to Take Down a Wasp’s Nest

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Written by: LCMM , August 17, 2015

Wasps are certainly not very popular with humans, with their history of inflicting painful stings. If you have a wasp’s nest in your garden or house, it creates a very unpleasant situation. Not only are you always paranoid about being stung, but their buzzing presence is no fun at all. This gets worse if you have children or anyone allergic to wasp stings in your home.

How to Take Down a Wasp’s Nest?
These creatures are nasty for sure, but you need not worry. We have a simple procedure on how to take down a wasp’s nest.

Safety First
Always give your safety prime importance. You can stay safe by following the pointers below:

  • Test your allergies: It is important that you take a wasp venom allergy test. If you test negative, then you can more safely take on this task. If you test positive, it is a better idea to call in a professional or ask for someone else’s help.
  • Wear protective attire: In order to prevent being stung, you must wear proper clothing to protect yourself. You should wear long pants, a thick sweater, socks, boots, ski goggles, a scarf covering your face, and a hoodie while tackling a wasp’s nest.
  • Don’t use ladders: It is advisable not to use a ladder to reach high nests. If the wasps attack, you may panic and fall from the ladder.
  • Go in at night: Nighttime is the best time to tackle wasp’s nests. So get yourself prepared, wait for the nightfall, and unleash the attack.

Ammo for the Attack
There are many ways to destroy the nest. Perhaps one of the most effective ways is through pesticide action. You can purchase aerosol pesticides from the local supermarket. Make sure that the pesticide you choose is specifically for killing wasps. Other pesticides made for destroying smaller insects and bugs will not be effective against wasps.

Now make sure that you are wearing the proper protective clothing. Spray the pesticide in an upward direction toward the bottom of the nest continuously for 15-20 seconds or use the specific directions on the spray can.

Leave the nest in peace overnight. Next morning check the nest for any movement. If you think there are wasps present, repeat the spraying. If there are no wasps, you can take the nest down with a wooden stick. Just be sure you are careful while doing this. Do not stand in the area where the wasp’s nest will fall. Now carefully pick up the nest and dispose of it properly.

How to Prevent the Wasps From Coming Back?
Take some time to have a look around the exterior of your house for possible cracks and openings that can be a site for a wasp’s nest. Cover these cracks properly and make regular follow-up checks.

By following these instructions, you can easily remove a wasp’s nest. However, if you are unsure, you are allergic to wasp venom, or the wasp’s nest is in a very tricky location, we suggest that you hire a professional exterminator. Remember, safety first!

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