Winter Lawn Care

beautiful house surrounded by snow
Written by: LCMM , January 3, 2018

For most people, “lawn care” doesn’t come to mind when they think about winter yard work. Traipsing through the yard on a bitingly cold January morning certainly isn’t as pleasant as it is on a fresh dewy June morning. However, taking a few simple steps now – perhaps between sips of hot cocoa to stay warm – will make the transition into spring easier and greener.

Snow Removal or Distribution

Big piles of snow built up while clearing your sidewalk and driveway can cause an array of issues to your lawn – from patchy grass to more damaging flooding. When snowfall is light, this can be prevented by distributing the snow evenly over the yard. However, during heavier snowfalls, having larger piles of snow removed completely from your property will ensure you’re not facing more major issues when the spring thaw comes.

Avoid Heavy Lawn Traffic

While the short brown grass that peeps through the snow seems harmless to cut across, excessive foot traffic can result in uneven regrowth in the spring. Keep sidewalks clean to reduce the temptation to take the shortcut, and ensure vehicles aren’t parking on the grass.

Watch for Drainage Issues

As the snow melts, note any areas where water is pooling. For now, these drainage issues can be managed by spiking them with a hand fork. Once the thaw is complete, these areas will need to be filled in slowly to avoid future water logging.

Caring for Trees and Plants

Snow can be left on trees and shrubs unless its weight is threatening to break branches. If the snow gets heavy, remove it very carefully. Do not remove any ice.

If any plants or bushes were winterized in the fall, give them a glance to ensure stakes and ties are still firmly in place.

Get Started on Spring Landscaping

Follow up on your dream patio plans and begin the necessary work to establish a budget, procure any necessary permits, and begin purchasing supplies.

For help transitioning your lawn from winter to spring, contact the experts at Green & Black, LLC at 651-356-9193.