Does Your Lawn Meet Your City’s Regulations?

row of town houses
Written by: LCMM , June 19, 2017

If you own a home, you have learned that your rights as a homeowner are limited by the regulations placed upon your home by the town in which you live. These regulations may include items such as when trash is collected, how trash must be presented for collection, the color of your home, where you can park your car, the size of your doorway, and even the length of your grass. Each town is different regarding the actual regulations, however, it is essential to not only know the regulations in your town, but abide by them to avoid fines and other issues.

The Possibilities

Most towns want a standard to be followed by its residents to make the town look attractive to visitors, while keeping unwanted pests at bay. Pests, such as ticks and mosquitoes thrive in wooded areas, which creates a safety concern for town officials, allowing them to set regulations requiring your lawn. Apple Valley, Minnesota’s ordinance states that your grass must be no longer than eight inches in height, among other things. Should you violate that ordinance and it is discovered or reported, you may be subject to fines and even liens against your property. Most Minnesota towns have very similar ordinances regarding property maintenance.

What This Means for You

This can have a big impact on your spring, summer, and fall and create a difficult schedule for you if you wish to avoid violating these regulations. The truth is, eight inches high is not very high at all. And grass, especially in the rainy months, grows very quickly. Therefore, you may be left cutting your grass once every other week. For some people, this is not an issue. Some homeowners enjoy the Sunday chores of cutting their lawn. However, what about the rest of us, who would much rather be spending time with the family, at a ball game, or even catching up on some much needed rest? And what about those of us that are not able to mow the lawn at all or at the very least, quite that often? This is when using a reputable lawn service is key to keeping your home beautiful and within regulations.

A reputable company knows the ordinances within your town and will make sure you are not violating them. Such a company understands how lawns work and how to cut your grass to make sure you do not go broke keeping it in shape throughout the season. Furthermore, they can keep a schedule so you do not have to. A reputable lawn company will take the guess work out of maintaining your lawn and help keep your money in your pocket instead of in the township’s.

If you are in need of a reputable lawn company to help you maintain your property and keep up with the town’s regulations, contact the experts at Green & Black, LLC at 651-356-9193. The experts at Green & Black have spent an entire career helping homeowners avoid fines by making sure their lawns are within the town’s regulations.