Your Lawn’s Schedule

landscaper with snips
Written by: LCMM , April 26, 2017

We live in the age of scheduling. We schedule everything, such as playdates, meetings, appointments, and even family time. We expect everything and everyone in our lives to be on our schedule and just accept their place in our busy lives. That may work with people, but it does not work for your lawn. Your lawn is a living organism that has a schedule of its own. Now that spring is finally here, it is essential to learn your lawn’s schedule and adhere to it as often as possible, or risk having the ugly lawn on the block.

The Beautification Schedule

Beautification of your lawn has to do with reseeding and pruning your lawn and landscaping to help rid it of any and all signs of its dormant winter. It is actually not good to begin reseeding this time of year, as you hope your lawn awakens from its winter hibernation alert and ready to go. Therefore, the beautification ritual should begin before the first frost. This is the time to reseed your lawn to make sure the new seeds are growing strong in April. Once the first dew arrives, then is a great time to prune your landscaping, removing dead leaves and restoring its natural beauty. Make sure to weed your lawn and garden at this time of year, as well, to help new seeds have enough room to grow. Now is a great time to begin planting your garden and flower beds to make sure everything is ready for the summer months.

The Maintenance

You must mow your lawn. Not mowing your lawn is not just aesthetically displeasing, but it also leads to bugs. No one wants bugs in their yard or neighborhood if they are not being productive. Most chores around your home can be done weekly or even two or three times a week, no matter what is happening around you. Mowing your lawn is a bit different. You do not want to mow too often as it will cut your blades of grass too low and ruin your lawn. You do not want to mow too little as your lawn will get away from you. Yet, none of this equates to a proven time schedule that is guaranteed to be the best schedule to cut your grass. You must either know grass and yards and how they work or watch your grass grow. In the beginning of the season mowing your lawn once every one to two weeks may be appropriate, depending on where you are located and how your lawn grows. As the season ends or the weather gets warmer with less water, mowing may only need to occur once every two to three weeks. This same philosophy applies to weeding and pruning in your yard and garden. Much like children, your lawn is on its own schedule and no one rule applies at every turn.

​If you are like most people, it is best to leave your yard maintenance to the professionals. The experts at Green & Black, LLC will gladly help you maintain your property so you have more time to just enjoy it.  Call them today at 651-356-9193.