The Leaves are Falling: What Now?

push mower in leaves
Written by: LCMM , September 13, 2016

Before the leaves begin to change color and fall onto your lawn, remember these important tips to make sure your lawn is fall-ready. While the onset of fall may not do much to offset the work you conducted all spring and summer long, if you ignore your lawn now, it may be enough to destroy it come winter. Therefore, to ensure your hard work continues to pay off throughout the colder months, follow these handy tips to get your lawn fall-ready.

Mow, Mow, Mow

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, our minds turn away from outdoor chores to seemingly more important indoor duties. However, one outdoor chore must not go ignored before the first frost: mowing the lawn. Whatever schedule you maintained during the warmer months must be maintained during the fall months. Whether it was once a week or, less often, such as once every three or four weeks, your lawn mowing must continue to follow this pattern to allow healthy, stronger grass to regrow before frost sets in. ​


Once the mowing is complete, it is time to move on to feeding your lawn one last time before the frost sets in.  Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn to maintain a healthy, rich green lawn throughout the winter months. Fertilizing will also help protect your lawn from the disease that accompanies leaves falling onto your lawn, which can cause those unsightly brown spots over the winter. As with any living thing, your lawn must be nourished to continue to grow and stay healthy all year long.

Rake It Up

Finally, it is important to maintain your lawn throughout the fall to keep it disease-free. Those unsightly brown spots are not necessarily the result of lack of water or sunlight. It is actually often the work of disease and infestation. This disease may be caused by a number of factors beyond your control. However, one factor that is within your control is falling leaves. Leaves are known to be homes for many insects that love to feed on grass and other green, leafy vegetation. As the leaves die, change color, and fall to your lawn, the only vegetation left to eat is your beautiful green lawn. As the insects feast on your lawn, they leave behind a barren space that is now an ugly shade of brown. This can be prevented through the simple act of raking. Raking not only helps clean up your lawn, but it also helps keep it healthy all year long, keeping the insects in their proper place, which is away from your grass. In addition, fallen leaves block the sunlight from hitting your grass, causing the grass to die.  Once removed from your lawn, your grass is free to flourish.

These are just a few brief tips to help you maintain your beautiful lawn throughout the fall and get it ready for the harsh winter months ahead. To learn other valuable tips for lawn maintenance, it is best to work with a lawn care expert.  The experts at Green & Black, LLC will be happy to help you care for your lawn this fall and throughout the year.  Contact them at 651-356-9193 for your estimate.