The Damage Caused by Leaves on Your Lawn

Written by: LCMM , November 9, 2017

As of September 21, the seasons changed and autumn began. It felt as though at that moment, a switch was hit, which caused the leaves to begin changing colors. It only takes a few weeks, however, for those beautifully colored leaves to start piling up and become strewn all over your well-kept lawn. Since your lawn has not experienced the first frost at this point, you need to clean your lawn ahead of time to continue your scheduled maintenance. However, once your lawn has experienced the winter frost and you can cease mowing for the season, you still must clean up the leaves from your lawn. Otherwise, you risk ruining the beautiful lawn you spent your entire spring and summer cultivating.

Let the Sun Shine

As the seasons change, nature limits the amount of sunlight your lawn receives. However, you do not need to add to this decrease in sunlight. Leaves on your lawn prevents sunlight from reaching your grass and its roots. This may seem trivial; however, sunlight provides valuable nutrients that allow your lawn to flourish. Without the optimum amount of sunlight, your lawn will slowly die, leaving brown spots throughout. These dead spots can not only make your lawn unsightly, but make it difficult for regrowth to take place in the spring.

Health Issues

Leaves on your lawn can actually cause mold and fungal issues, as well as invite insects onto your lawn. They cover the lawn, trapping water and dew between the leaves and the grass. As a result, the water can lead to mold and mildew, which can accumulate throughout the season. This can cause more damage to the roots of your lawn, as well as physical damage to individuals and animals, such as dogs and birds around your lawn. For instance, mold and mildew allergens can cause people to suffer throughout the rest of the season, leaving your family feeling sick and worn down.

In addition, leaves attract insects. These insects would likely be attracted to your lawn as well; however, a well-maintained lawn is usually treated for this problem. Leaves, on the other hand, are not. Therefore, the leaves left on the lawn can be an invitation to insects to use your lawn as a food source and a breeding ground.  In essence, this will end up ruining your lawn and all of the hard work you put into it throughout the past two seasons.

Finally, leaves left on your lawn can also pose as a fire hazard. If you are experiencing especially dry weather, the dry leaves, baking in the hot sun, can begin to catch fire.  This can lead to your lawn, and potentially your home, burning down. This thereby provides a risk to not just your immediate home and family, but to your neighbors as well.

There are many options on how to best dispose of the leaves on your lawn throughout the autumn months. However, the key is that they must be cleaned and maintained. If you are having an issue with leaves and looking to take care of your beautifully cultivated lawn, contact the experts at Green & Black, LLC at 651-356-9193.