Summer Lawn Care Tips

push mowing grass
Written by: LCMM , July 18, 2016

Summer is a difficult season for lawn maintenance. For instance, lawns must be watered more often, unless you have a particularly rainy summer. And of course the lawn should be cut more often as well, but how often is too often? There are various schools of thought regarding the best summer lawn maintenance regimen; however, here are some quick tips to get you through the fall while maintaining a party-ready lawn all season.

Mowing Routine

Your mowing routine in the summer is a bit different than other seasons, due to the heat and increased lawn traffic. Soil that is left out in the open tends to evaporate water faster than shaded soil. In order to allow for shaded soil, it is best to raise the blades on your mower in the summer to allow for taller grass. It is always best to leave about two-thirds of the leaf base when mowing. However, the overall height of the perfect soil-shading blades of grass depends on the type of grass covering your lawn.

Another important tip involving the mower is to make sure your blades are always sharpened. The average sharpened blade last about 10 hours of mowing. Dull blades create ragged brown cuts of grass, leaving an opening for disease organisms to enter and destroy your lawn. And after spending a hot day in the sun mowing your lawn, why would you want to invite that problem into your yard?

Finally, it is a great idea to practice grass cycling in the summer. Grass cycling is the process of leaving clippings on the lawn where they fall. This can help your grass grow and act as fertilizer. It is a great way to recycle compost and save money.

Maintenance Tips

Beyond mowing, other maintenance tips add to the longevity and beauty of your summer lawn. For instance, fertilize warm-season grass during the late summer and early fall for the best results. However, if you have cool-season grasses, do not fertilize them until late fall or early winter.  Your township should have records of the type of grasses growing in your neighborhoods.

Also, best practice is to not only clean your dog’s feces as needed, but to wash away the dog’s urine regularly also. Animal waste can cause brown spots on your lawn, and trash and residue from vehicles parked on your lawn can cause this issue as well. Therefore, not only should the family pet be constantly cleaned after, but also litter should always be picked up and cars should NEVER be parked on your lawn.
Finally, stay on top of the weeds and treat for bugs. Tackle them early and eliminate the problem. However, do not forget to prep for weed elimination in the late summer to keep your lawn safe during the cooler months. In addition, make sure you treat your lawn for bugs that love to feed on grass, to ensure your grass stays whole and beautiful.

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