Planning Your Lawn’s Greenery and Flower Beds

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Written by: Nate Sjulstad , February 20, 2017

It is the beginning of February. Snow is piled on the ground, and the weather is frightful. While it may seem too early, now is the time to plan your landscaping for spring. Before you know it, April showers will appear, bringing beautiful weather and green grass everywhere. It is best to have a plan in place for how you want your lawn to appear. This will allow both your lawn and your landscaper to be prepared as soon as the snow has left.


First, consider the greenery on your lawn. Greenery includes your grass, trees, and shrubs. It is wise to sit with your landscaper to discuss your options. One thing to consider is what type of grass and shrubbery are best suited for the amount of sunlight and water your lawn typically receives. Depending on your location and whether you face the sun, your lawn may be better suited for specific types of grass and trees. No two lawns are the same. Any landscaper who tells you otherwise is not worth meeting a second time.

Other factors that may determine the types of trees and shrubs you use include the types of animals you have in your yard, whether it be pets or pests, as well as the amount of maintenance work you are willing to do. Certain shrubbery requires more maintenance than other types, which is something to be mindful of when planning your landscaping.

Flowers and Flower Beds

Landscaping is more than just the science of which greenery will do best on your lawn. There is also an art to the design, which includes the colors and types of flowers as well as the style of the flower beds. You may choose to line your flower beds with stones or bricks. Some people choose a more natural look and have no liner separating the flower beds from the grass. This is mostly a matter of style and taste. This is where you can express yourself the most fully through your landscaping choices.

Flower choices should come down to several factors, such as personal style, soil quality, and survivability. Not all flowers will survive in any soil. You and your landscaper should discuss the types of flowers that would work best with your lawn throughout the year. Make sure you share your preferences and ideas with your landscaper. This way, he or she may provide you with the options available that will fit your aesthetic as well as your lawn.

Ultimately, planning your landscaping – whether it be for your home, office, or commercial property – is a personal choice that should also be guided by science. Your landscape artist should be able to provide you with enough information to make sure your vision is able to come to life. If your vision needs to be tweaked, your landscape artist should be willing and able to direct you to make the best choices for your lawn.

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