Lawn Care Services in Lakeville, MN

Lakeville, MN, Property Management

Living in Lakeville, Minnesota, has its perks. Most notably among them is your business or home’s beautiful property. Big or small, it’s the perfect size for your needs. Chances are you wish you could appreciate it more instead of spending your free time keeping up with its maintenance.

If this sounds like you, Green & Black has a solution — let our experienced technicians take care of your property! Our family-owned business puts quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service at the top of our priorities so you can have a pleasant experience, from the moment you request a quote until your property looks exactly the way you want it.

What is Property Management?

Property management services take care of the exterior, non-building parts of your property. While many people think of landscaping and property management as the same thing, in reality, landscaping is a small part of what property management companies like Green & Black can do. Our full range of services includes:

If you’re exploring options for your residential or commercial area in Lakeville, Minnesota, be sure to contact our technicians, as we have experience in lawn care for commercial and residential properties.

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Do I Need Property Maintenance?

For many busy individuals and corporations, a property manager dedicated to their cause is a lifesaver. We allow you to:

  • Save time and money: Business owners and homeowners alike have enough to think about within the walls of their property without considering exterior maintenance. You focus on what’s happening inside and we’ll take care of the rest. Additionally, we’ll take care of ongoing maintenance concerns so that small issues don’t grow into bigger — and more expensive — ones, making your upfront investment worth more with every passing year.
  • Reduce liability: Ensure every job gets done right when you hire our professionals to do them. We’ll make sure any obvious hazards get removed, especially during winter and changing seasons when snow and debris litter the ground. And since we know what we’re doing, we’re less at risk of injury on the job than amateurs, keeping you from being liable for any accidents on your property.
  • Professional-level results every time: Our job is taking care of your property and we take that responsibility seriously. In order to do our best work, we’ve invested in all the industry-standard tools and then some. However niche your property needs may be, rest assured we have the tools and skills required to provide an excellent result.

Connect With Our Technicians Now

From routine maintenance needs to one-time touch-ups, Green & Black does it all for the homes and businesses in Lakeville, MN. If you’re ready to see your property flourish under quality care and dedicated work, contact our team today.

You can reach our technicians online or at 651-356-9193 to request your free quote! We’ll make sure you know exactly what our lawn services in Lakeville, MN entail before you sign on.