Edina Lawn Care Services, MN

Imagine walking out of your house or business building in Edina and enjoying a lush, beautifully maintained lawn. Getting your grass to look pristine does take dedication, but Green & Black can help.

Residential and Commercial Property Management

If you want gorgeous green grass and a well-groomed property but you don’t have enough time, the know-how or the proper equipment to keep your outdoor space inviting, Green & Black is here to assist. Maintaining a property in Edina can be especially challenging as plants have a short growing season and might struggle to flourish in clay soil, which is prominent in the area. Heavy snowfall can also stand in the way of a well-kept outdoor space. Our experienced technicians have professional-grade equipment and know what it takes to create and maintain a pristine property. We offer a full range of services to keep your outdoor space neat.

Our entire list of services includes:

While Green & Black offers a wide selection of services to residential owners in Edina, we also provide commercial property maintenance. Some services like snow removal are only available for business properties.

Why Choose Green & Black to Care for Your Garden?

Whether you want to maintain your residential or commercial property lawn, Green & Black is ready to help you care for it so you can enjoy lush, leafy green grass. Here is what we can offer you:

  • Expert irrigation services: To keep your grass thriving, you’ll need to water it properly. At Green & Black, we are irrigation experts and can help you safeguard your irrigation system against ice and other inclement weather. We also provide irrigation maintenance and repair services to ensure your lawn stays green.
  • Lawn care know-how: The exceptional team at Green & Black knows exactly when to cut your lawn for optimal growth. By making use of our services, you don’t need to buy expensive equipment. We use professional equipment for all lawn mowing projects to ensure we do the job efficiently — leaving you with a well-manicured lawn that is ready to thrive. To further cultivate your lawn, our expert team can analyze your grass and choose the best fertilizer for you. We can then fertilize your lawn and save you from weed overgrowth by using the correct fertilizing practices.
  • Dethatch experience: Green & Black offers spring and fall cleanup services, which include dethatching services. Working with us means you don’t need to buy any dethatching equipment. We use professional equipment to remove dead organic matter — keeping your grass green and well-drained.

Get Greener Grass When You Work With Us

If you don’t have the time, knowledge or equipment to get a picturesque lawn, Green & Black can help you like we’ve helped many clients in Edina, Minnesota, and the rest of the South Metro area. Contact us today, and let’s get your grass greener.