Eagan, MN Lawn Care Services

Your property is one of your greatest points of pride, but maintaining it may be a lot more work than you expected. You have a business to run, a job to do, and a home to take care of. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to ensure your property is looking its best at all times — the expertise of Green & Black’s property management services.

For over a decade, Green & Black has cultivated relationships with business owners all around Eagan and the surrounding South Metro area. We prove ourselves through our commitment to quality and outstanding customer service, ensuring excellent results for every client. Our local, family-owned business wants to make sure that every home and business in Eagan makes a beautiful first impression on anyone who passes by.

Commercial and Residential Property Management

While Green & Black serves a number of residential properties in Eagan, our true specialty lies in commercial property maintenance. As a business owner, you know that a good outward appearance is crucial to your relationship with the community, and we aim to provide any and all services that help put your best foot forward. For instance, snow removal in Eagan can be crucial for ensuring safe sidewalks for your customers.

Our full range of services includes:

Please note that while we also offer many of these services for residential properties, snow removal and some other offerings are only available for commercial endeavors.

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Why Choose Green & Black to Maintain your Property?

We know you’re more than capable of handling your property on your own. But why should you have to? Working with Green & Black to maintain your property comes with many benefits over individual management, such as:

  • Saving time and money: When you have enough on your plate, Green & Black will make sure your lawn doesn’t suffer because of your busy schedule. You can focus your energy on more important things while we work quickly and discreetly to manage your property without affecting your schedule. Also, regular maintenance means fewer major problems, saving you from a hefty fee later.
  • Professional-level results: Since our job is taking care of your property, we’ve invested in the best tools available. We’ll do an excellent job thanks to our combined equipment and expertise. We’ve had years of experience providing lawn care in Eagan, MN.
  • Reducing your liability: Issues like snowy walkways and untidied debris can spell risk for anyone on your property. However, there’s just as much vulnerability in allowing an untrained hand to manage your property. We take care of both of these potential problems at once so your property can be as safe as possible.

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Whether your property needs one-time maintenance or you’re looking to schedule regular management, Green & Black is here to help. Our professionals will be your trusted partner in all your outdoor and lawn care needs in Eagan, working with you to ensure everything looks just as you like it.

Connect with us online or at 651-356-9193 today to get started. We’ll schedule a visit so you can get your free quote right away!