A Reputable Snow Removal Company

snow plowed in front of houses
Written by: LCMM , January 17, 2017

Living in Minnesota means expecting snow in the winter. Winters are not for the faint of heart in this part of the country. There are storms that actually trap people in their homes for a few days, simply because the snow is piled up six feet or higher. While this is not the norm, it can and does happen. Therefore, snow plowing services are a go-to way for many people to make a few extra bucks in the winter, just like people in other parts of the country rake leaves in the fall. As a home or business owner, it is important to know what makes a reputable snow removal company different from the average guy with a truck.


Believe it or not, snow removal requires a special skill set that not every person possesses. There is actually a technique that requires some form of training. This technique not only protects the vehicle doing the plowing, but also the property in front of the home or business. Proper snow removal is a combination of knowing the exact height from the ground to place the plow and knowing the best pattern to remove the snow. It is also necessary to understand the exact point in which you touch the ground with the plow that will cause damage to the ground. These are concepts that can be taught and learned; however, if a plow operator has not learned these techniques, your property will suffer dearly.


Beyond technique and knowledge, there are also legal issues which must be handled for a snow removal company to be considered reputable. First, they must be a registered business with the state and the IRS. With registration comes insurance. Insurance includes liability insurance, automobile insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance. It also includes licensing by the state to provide this service. Any snow removal company should be able to produce the documents on demand that show they are legally allowed to operate. If the person you are considering hiring does not want to show you these documents, it is more than likely he or she does not work for a reputable snow removal company and should not be hired for your job.
Hiring a company that is not knowledgeable or legally registered to conduct this type of work puts you at a great risk as a home or business owner. First, if the job is not properly handled and results in an individual getting injured on your property, you would be 100% liable for that injury. Second, if the plow operator is injured on the job and does not have the proper insurance, you may be held liable for his or her injury as well. Should your property be damaged, it may not be covered by your homeowner or business property insurance coverage, as you did not hire a reputable company. For these reasons and more, it is essential to hire a trustworthy snow plowing company to help you during the winter months. Contact Green & Black at 651-356-9193 today to learn about snow plowing and how they can help you stay mobile this winter.