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Plant Installation

Our staff loves to play in the dirt. We’ll plant the trees and shrubs that you purchase or that we provide with the expertise that guarantees a long life and beautiful and healthy plant. You want your property to be beautiful and stand out from the rest. Having your trees and shrubs planted by professionals will go a long way to guaranteeing the outcome you envisioned.

Mulch & Top Dress Service

When you mulch over the top of existing mulch, you greatly enhance the look of your property and at the same time keep pesky weeds at bay. Keeping at least a four-inch mulch base will significantly reduce the weeds in your landscape with this natural weed barrier. The Mulching also helps retain needed moisture that will allow your plants and trees to thrive.

Patio Installation

Green and Black is no stranger to patio installations. We begin every project with proper planning to make certain your patio is level. A well-designed patio area can be a breathtaking extension of your home or office and results in an additional living area that can be used year round. Green and Black are experts in delivering outstanding additions of:

  • Ground Level, Raised, and Tiered Patios
  • Seat Walls and Privacy Areas
  • Fire Pits
  • Many choices of paver styles and colors
Wall Installation

Green & Black has the equipment and the knowledge to build any size retaining wall to meet your properties needs. This can vary from a two foot tall decorative block wall to a 15 foot tall engineered boulder wall holding your property up over a pond. By retaining soil, these retaining walls create level areas where there were none before, giving a property owner a more usable space in the landscape for swimming pools, outdoor living areas, patios, plant beds and more.

  • Boulder walls
  • Block walls
  • Natural stone walls
  • Seating walls
  • Different size block available
  • A variety of different colors of block available

Water Features

Outdoor water features can be a spectacular way to enhance your home or office. People do not forget the beauty of an outdoor pond or fountain. Our staff is experienced in all types of water features and will provide a well-designed plan for any portion of your yard. All features can be previewed in advance in our water feature gallery or can be custom designed using your thoughts and dreams. Water features can enhance the market value of your home or office and in many cases become a focal point of the sale.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living can produce memorable occasions for any family or office staff. Green and Black is prepared to offer a custom outdoor experience that completely meets your needs and dreams. We put together traditional and custom patios, grilling units, fire pits, plants and shrubs, water features and privacy walls to create a relaxing outdoor space that results in fond memories for family and friends.

Landscape Lighting

Illuminating your home or office when the sun goes down creates beauty as well as safety. Outdoor lighting can also serve as a beautiful first impression for your guests even before they see the inside of your beautiful home or office. The technicians at Green and Black make use of different lighting techniques to enable you to achieve the effect of beauty and safety you desire:

  • Up Lighting to highlight columns and walls
  • Down Lighting to illuminate patio areas, gazebos, and facades and to create beautiful shadows.
  • Path Lighting is the most common type of outdoor lighting and can highlight beautiful paver pathways and create a safer walkway around the home.

Rain Garden Installation

Taking advantage of rainfall and storm water runoff, the rain garden resembles a micro forest and is a wonderful habitat for birds and butterflies. Green and Black’s experienced technicians will design and install your rain garden according to your wishes and the desired outcome. Using the appropriate type of plants in your rain garden will ensure self-sufficiency and minimal maintenance.

Honey Bee/Butterfly Restoration and Habitat

Creating a Honey Bee and Butterfly habitat on your home or office property can be exciting and beautiful at the same time. Since bees are the only insect in the world that make edible food and butterflies being the most beautiful, it only makes sense to make the effort to establish a habitat on your property. The Honey Bee/Butterfly habitat is calming and memorable to visitors. Green and Black technicians are uniquely qualified to create or restore the habitat of these interesting and beautiful insects that will amaze your guests and neighbors.

Green & Black is here to serve all of your lawn and landscaping needs, from fertilizer applications to mulch applications, additional plantings to complete landscape design.

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