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Irrigation Blowout

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Irrigation Winterization

As a Minnesota homeowner, one yard care technique that you can’t afford to ignore is annual irrigation winterization. Once the temperatures start falling, time is not on your side to schedule your irrigation blow out, or else you risk watching it all get destroyed.

Everyone knows that once water freezes, it rapidly expands within any contained space. That means that if your sprinkler lines, heads, and other components retain water when freezing temperatures land, they will all experience ruptures from ice.

Since 2010, Green & Black has assisted more area homeowners with fast and reliable irrigation blowout services. We ensure that all your irrigation components are free from standing water and moisture, giving you the best protection against winter temperatures.

The last thing you need next spring is to start your sprinkler system up, only to discover multiple geysers and flooded plants. Make sure that your grass stays prepared for winter and choose us for your blowouts today.

What is Irrigation Winterization?

Although some homeowners attempt to handle their sprinkler line blowouts themselves, it can become far riskier than you might first expect. Because your irrigation system remains pressurized, you can easily injure yourself by releasing air incorrectly.

Even if you avoid accidentally hurting yourself, many residents don’t force enough water from their lines. They believe that they are doing it correctly because of the volume of air escaping, but sometimes the pressure releases without forcing out moisture.

As a result, you can spend hours working on freeing your sprinkler system from retained water and still require expensive repair and replacement services. Or, you could choose us and know once and for all that your irrigation lines will remain in one piece.

Proper winterization requires experienced technicians using air compressors and other equipment to keep your lines dry. Don’t allow your irrigation system to encounter freezing temperatures with the best in sprinkler blowout solutions.

Why Hire for Winterization?

Your watering lines are only designed to handle a specific amount of pressure. By applying too little, water stays behind and freezes solid, ruining your entire system’s set up.

Creating too much pressure, on the other hand, quickly damages valves, cells, and lines, and other components, leaving them useless come spring. In either situation, your yard is left without a source of water when the warmer weather returns.

Choosing us for your irrigation system blowouts means knowing for sure that you are set up for success. We provide all the expert tools and equipment we need, and our experienced technicians can get through your job quickly.

Don’t allow cold weather to sneak up on you and get professional winterization services for your home sprinkler systems. No one else best prepares your yards like Green & Black.

Green & Black is here to serve all of your lawn and landscaping needs, from fertilizer applications to mulch applications, additional plantings to complete landscape design.

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