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Boulder Walls

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Boulder Walls

A necessary component of your yard’s safety is installing retaining walls for added structure, proper drainage, and reduced erosion risks. However, not all homeowners prefer the look and feel of more traditional retention wall types.

Whether they appear too straight and narrow or it had gotten made from more industrial building materials, some units simply remain out of place in your backyard. Instead, many Minnesota residents are rediscovering the look and performance of quality boulder walls for their needs instead.

Green & Black remains your best choice in custom boulder wall creation, allowing you to discover the perfect addition to your yard. Whatever the nature of your needs might be, we stay confident that you’ll love your newly created system.

When bricks and pavers aren’t right for your needs, we provide the durable and rustic charm of boulders to any outdoor space. Contact us to discuss your retaining wall needs today with our local professionals.

What are Boulder Walls?

Boulder walls are a unique way to retain your property’s slopes, hills, and areas prone to erosion. Rather than stacking bricks, pavers, and concrete blocks, which can become unsightly for some, boulders provides a more natural appearance, and a custom finished quality.

We rely on several types of natural stones to create your ideal wall type. Our concern is building walls that seem as if they have always been in place, looking right at home in your yards.

Boulders can quickly get dangerous to work with if you aren’t careful, and it’s always recommended to call in our experts to build your new system. And if you don’t install them just right, you can soon see your walls come crashing down.

Instead, we take the time to prepare, stack, and install all your boulders without incident quickly. When you need a faster, safer way to enjoy added protection, you can depend on us for your best results possible.

How Does it Work?

We begin with a slender trench where your wall will go up, ensuring that it tapers off going towards your property instead of away from it. Then we install a thick layer of landscaping fabric that will prevent weeds, pests, and other hazards from damaging it in the future.

Soon, we begin stacking boulders from largest to smallest, creating a clean, even look that lasts for years. We then fill in the spaces between rocks with a long-lasting adhesive mortar, ensuring that your boulders won’t loosen or escape.

Once we’ve finished your project, you can enjoy the unique look of hand-installed rocks forming your natural retention wall. Not only will you have a reliable new ally against yard erosion, but it will promote better privacy as well.

When traditional retaining walls don’t offer enough personality for your tastes, it’s hard to beat the natural appearances of boulder systems. Contact Green & Black today for your best quality boulder walls for your home.

Green & Black is here to serve all of your lawn and landscaping needs, from fertilizer applications to mulch applications, additional plantings to complete landscape design.

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