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West St. Paul Lawn Care & Landscaping

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West St. Paul, MN

The city of West St. Paul, MN has long remained known as the place that is “Close to It All”. All it takes is a short drive from WSP to find St. Paul, Minneapolis, and other major municipalities.

One item that isn’t as convenient to discover is the right lawn care company for your home. Chances are, your grass and plants need more care and attention than what typical local landscaping companies offer.

Instead, you can give your lawns the best professionals around by choosing Green & Black for all your landscape service solutions. From a better class of weekly yard maintenance to winter snow removal options, we have ways of keeping your yards perfect throughout the year.

No one else creates lasting protection against more hazards facing your plants as we do. When you deserve the best in local landscaping contractors, you need us servicing your lawn today.

Lawn Care West St. Paul

When you no longer need to worry about your grass, flowers, and trees, it frees up your schedule to enjoy your hobbies again. Whether you use the extra time to tee off Thompson Oaks Golf Course or spend the afternoon with the kids at Garlough Park, we help you make the most of living here.

Hiring us eliminates the need for other service contractors because we always go the extra distance on every visit. We can assist you with any need, including irrigation system repairs, retaining wall creation, and ice and snow management services.

Our team has the skill you require to take on more forms of landscaping concerns. When your yards deserve the best lawn care professionals around, you need Green & Black for better yard maintenance.

Green & Black is here to serve all of your lawn and landscaping needs, from fertilizer applications to mulch applications, additional plantings to complete landscape design.

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