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Shakopee Lawn Care & Landscaping

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Shakopee, MN

The community of Shakopee MN is unique in that it retains its small-town charm while remaining among the more densely populated regions in the country. That has lead to numerous sporting and recreational activities, fun public events, and a tightknit group of neighbors.

What our local contractors haven’t achieved are quality lawn care services. Many professionals will only offer their services during the growing seasons, making it challenging to keep plants all through winter.

Instead, Green & Black are still your best team of experienced landscaping professionals. We offer more service types to promote a healthier yard through any scenario or hazard.

We offer ways to make it difficult for weeds, pests, and the cold to harm your yards, providing you with pristine plants all year long. Contact us for landscaping maintenance, snow removal, and more service options for your home today.

Landscaping Shakopee MN

All too often, your typical lawn care companies offer grass cutting, weed spray, and maybe raking services. When you have broken sprinkler systems or mounds of fresh snow killing your plants, you can’t waste time finding a better company.

Instead, choosing us for your weekly maintenance and specialty service visits promotes better growing conditions. We have ways of keeping your favorite plants safe from harm while creating lasting quality on each visit.

When other service providers don’t go far enough with your plant care needs, our team continues offering the best care possible. Call Green & Black today to give your yards the best service contractors around.

Green & Black is here to serve all of your lawn and landscaping needs, from fertilizer applications to mulch applications, additional plantings to complete landscape design.

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